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Why living near the sea?

Living near the sea is the dream of many and it should not surprise us. Can you imagine being able to listen to the sound of the waves at dawn, walk by the sea or enjoy a swim to start the day? Yes, we know that it seems like a dream life, many would even think that they are exclusive experiences for vacations; however, this dream life, full of great advantages for you and your health, is possible.

Living near the sea gives us a sense of well-being and calm, it allows us to disconnect and relax in order to appreciate reality from a new and improved perspective, which in turn allows us to make better decisions for our lives and also for our work.

Recent scientific studies confirm that living near the sea brings us great benefits for our physical and mental health:

It reduces stress. Being in the sea, our body releases the key hormone for relaxation and happiness: serotonin, since both the images of the beach and the sound of the waves help to relax, reducing anxiety and stress.

Better sleep quality. Living on the beach is a good option for those who suffer from insomnia, since when practicing sports on the sand or in the sea the body achieves a state of physical fatigue which in turn helps to reconcile a better rest.

Physical activity. Whether it is to lose weight or to stabilize in shape, being close to the sea allows us to practice a variety of water sports.

Better breathing. Those who suffer from respiratory difficulties improve their health when they are on the beach, as the chest muscles that surround the lungs relax and facilitate better oxygenation.

Nutrient dosage. Being outdoors we can receive the necessary dose of vitamin D for the absorption of calcium in the body, and being in the sea our skin absorbs the iodine necessary to regulate metabolism.

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